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🙏 Firstly, thank you very much to all our patients for their patience over the past 14 months during the COVID pandemic. We appreciate how understanding you have all been during what I am sure you can imagine has been a very difficult period for the practice. We have been asked by our Chief of NHS Dentistry to share the above letter with patients

🗞 You may have seen the news coverage over the past few weeks regarding the return of dental services. We have been patiently waiting for the official guidance to be released, to ensure that we comply with the new regulations and I am pleased to see that the guidance was published on Monday 26th October 2020 with the above letter following on from this.

😀 Clearly, like most things in life, this announcement comes with both good news and bad news.😢

😊 I’ll start with the good news first. I’m delighted to announce that from Monday 2nd November, there will be no restrictions placed on us regarding which NHS treatments we are allowed to carry out! Thank goodness, this news is greatly welcomed at Parkheadcross Dental Practice by both staff and patients alike as it means we are able to offer a full range of NHS treatments again

😔 The bad news (as I am sure you will appreciate) is that sadly, we won’t be able to operate quite as we used to, due to the continued safety measures we must keep in place due to the ongoing pandemic.

😷 We still require to follow the strict guidelines which have been set regarding aerosol generating procedures (AGPs). This means that we must wear our added protective gear and we must carry out extra cleaning between every patient who has an AGP. We also have to allow a fallow time of around 30 minutes after every patient. Meaning that when we finish treating a patient, we must close the surgery door and not reenter to clean the room for around 30 minutes.

🏃‍♂️ So while we very much welcome the NHS restrictions being lifted, unfortunately we won’t be able to work anywhere near as quickly as we did in the past. For example, a 15 minute filling appointment will now takes us around an hour, allowing for the 30 minute fallow time plus the extra cleaning we need to do.

🤩To keep things fair for all our patients, we will be prioritising our waiting list of patients requiring treatment who have already been waiting patiently for NHS treatments to resume since their appointments were cancelled in March. We will need to clear this treatment waiting list before we will be in a position to start offering check ups and scale and polishes again.

☎️ We will make contact via telephone with each patient as their name reaches the top of our waiting list so please look out for our call. Please be patient with this process as it will take several weeks to complete. Anyone who calls to request an appointment for treatment in the coming months will be placed on the list and contacted in due course.

🔢 Although there are no changes in government guidance from when we last updated this site we are now starting to contact patients for check up appointments. This will be done in order of those who have waited the longest and is a process we hope will be sped up as restrictions ease. Patients will be contacted by us and should not contact the practice unless they have problems they wish addressed.

🙏 We would like to thank you in advance for your patience and understanding as we work hard behind the scenes to get the practice back on track, and we apologise for not being able to offer the same levels of flexibility as we usually do.

😀 We look forward to seeing you all in the coming months at the practice, and as always, if you need our help in any way , please don’t hesitate to reach out to us on 0141-554-0499 or

Many thanks,

Andrew, Iain and all the team at Parkheadcross Dental Practice


🦷 From 2nd November, we can offer the full range of NHS treatments again

🦷 Due to the requirement for 30 minute fallow times, plus enhanced cleaning times, and general restrictions involving AGPs, it means appointments will take around 4-5 x longer than usual

🦷 We’ll have limited availability for appointments as we will be working through our treatment lists while also still seeing patients presenting with emergencies

🦷 We’ll be contacting the patients from our waiting list who need treatments first

🦷 We are now contacting patients who’ve had checkup appointments cancelled. Prioritising those who have waited the longest.

🦷 Please don’t contact us to book in for your appointment – we’ll phone you when your name is at the top of our waiting list

🦷 If you have a new concern or problem with your mouth please contact us on 0141-554-0499 or

🦷 We thank you for your patience and understanding

Follow this link for self help advice in managing dental problems at home

Here at Parkhead Cross Dental Practice, we undertake all aspects of NHS and private dental treatment, including the latest cosmetic crowns and veneers and facial aesthetics including Botox and fillers. New NHS patients are always welcome, emergency appointments are available daily.

We are open Mon-fri 9am-4pm currently due to the covid-19

Most dental problems can be avoided by attending regular check-ups and maintaining a good oral care routine. We believe dental care should go beyond simply treating problems: it should help prevent them too.

We are a driven practice providing highest quality NHS and private cosmetic treatments in Glasgow. Offering the latest techniques in dental care, our dentists promise to take the best care of you and your smile. The highly trained and caring professionals at our practice will ensure you have a pain free and stress free experience.

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New patients are always welcome and check ups are available today!

Call us on 0141 554 0499 or contact us online, no appointments necessary, we’d love to see you.

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8 thoughts on “Parkhead Cross Dental Practice

  1. Siobhan Dunne

    Very friendly and welcoming staff. Always made to feel at ease from the moment I walk in the door to the minute I leave. I wouldn’t get any dental treatment done anywhere else. My family and I have been patient’s for many years and would not go anywhere else. Would highly recommend


  2. Michelle Hogg

    Having not been to a dentist for 10+ years,I choose this practice and thanks to the lovely Iain Hillis I carried on going to finish my treatment and also go for my 6 months check ups.


  3. Jane McCluskey

    I received treatment before my wedding to perfect my smile and was extremely happy with service and care taken from all members of staff
    Andrew Cowan and his team took time and effort into every appointment and was extremely professional
    I am forever grateful for the work done and very pleased with my nice white smile

    Thanks again

    Jane McCluskey


  4. Kieran Gallagher

    Brilliant dentist can’t praise them enough. Always give spot on treatment. Can’t thank them enough. Missed a few appointments but the staff are always really friendly and book you in with ease. Dentist Andrew Cowan always friendly and takes great care


  5. Terry McEwan

    I just wanted to say a huge thank you to all the staff who helped me over the past month. I have a crippling phobia of dentist and once aware of this the staff here put me at ease and took as much time as I needed. I was referred onto The Albion for surgery but the staff in Parkhesd prepared me for everything. I have never been happier or more at ease at a dentist in my entire life.


  6. Ann Stark

    I’ve been a patient if this practice since Alistair Kesson was there and when he left the practice Andrew Cowan has since then been my dentist. Today I had a difficult back tooth removed by Andrew and he was absolutely brilliant in how he cared fir myself as quite honestly I am scared of the dentist but I go as it is a necessity regarding your health . To anyone out there scared of the dentist then please consider going to this practice as it is first class care without a doubt …


  7. kathleen slater

    the best dentist i have ever had and at 72 i have had a few brilliant caring people would recommend
    them to anyone my great dentist is I HILLIS


  8. Janice

    Absolutley delighted with my Dentist Miriam, she is so caring and patient. I have had a fobia about going to the Dentist for years and i am so glad i went because its not scary one bit and Miriam always makes sure im not in any discomfort at all. I am now getting quite a bit of work done and actually enjoy and look forward to going ….. changed days!!



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